A 12,000 sq. ft. working facility allows RagerStudios room to create an incredible variety of pieces. Centrally located in Orlando, Florida with access to major Interstate highways and airports, RagerStudios can ship their creations easily. 
Interior of RagerStudios’ working area.  
One of Rager Studios’ large on-site sculpture projects. Sometimes on-location sculpting is the most economical means to accomplish the project.
  Mixed media projects, brushed stainless steel, fiberglass and automotive paint finishes.
Rager Studios offers precision computer cutting capabilities to better ensure accuracy. 
  Rager Studios works in a variety of mediums.
Many hours of detailing go into the finished pieces. Working foam over reinforced steel sometimes takes the skill of an artisan and the endurance of a construction worker.
  EPS Foam in its raw stages. There are many stages to prepping a piece prior to paint.  

Prepping a silicone mold.

Working out bubbles in the Polyester Resin.
Cleaning up after the de-molding process, followed by a limestone faux finish paint job.
The finished pieces!
  Certified welders supply the reinforcement necessary to support the sculpted surface. Here, the stainless steel armature is made ready for the giant clam shell for the back of the "Mermaid Car" Disney, Orlando, Florida.
  Hand laid or chopped fiberglass surfaces are worked meticulously.  
  Urethane sprayed finishes are personally directed by our art directors to ensure attention to detail. All processes run a gamut of checks and balances before presenting the final piece.
Angela primes pieces prior to base coating.
Artists do final touch-ups on the prototype for the new Pepsi bottle design.

Reaching high, Angela puts the finishing touches on Disney’s Fantasia Brooms.
Many finishing techniques are necessary before RagerStudios feels the piece is completed. All exterior & interior pieces retain their beauty and durability for many many years after completion.
  RagerStudios was very proud to be commissioned to design, produce and install the Public Artworks Project, "Dancing Dolphins", in St. Petersburg Florida. Our crew members are experts in installation. Here they are installing the last of the five dolphins.
  Transporting the finished pieces can take many forms. Depending on the final destination, pieces can be crated and shipped via truck, train or airlines. Here the "Reptar" is put on a flat bed truck to be transported.
Please note that when you are working with RagerStudios, you are dealing with people of integrity, quality and talent. We have many satisfied customers and are more than ready with strong and reliable references to win your business.
Thank you,
Gary Rager