The Foundation and Step Walls

All Dirt was removed, 24 inch by 14 inch (actual pour is only 12 inches deep) with a Backhoe after it was laid out with Grade Stakes.

Transit depths were shot and all brought to within an inch of level.

Three, #5 Rebar are laid on 3-rung "Chairs" and all tied together.

A Step Down was necessary due to ground configuration.

All is poured in 3000, Fiber reinforced, PSI Concrete.



The Block Work

All lines were pulled and blocks laid.

More than 350 custom blocks were cut due to the intricate design of the Layout, the Bathrooms and the Fireplaces.

Holes were punched and Down Rods were installed prior to Cell pour and Lintel pour.

"J" Bolts and Straps were laid in during this process to take the two-inch by 8-inch PT Sill Plates.

All Lam Beams, Floor Joists, and decking were then installed.