The Lycan Home

RageStudios / RSCustom Builders was asked to design a wrap around Portico and Plaque for the front of their home.

It was to be decorative and functional over the entryway.
After the four columns were mounted in concrete, a lumber "rough out" was constructed to hold the fiber glassed three-sided shape at the top. The Ram's Head designs were made with pour spouts that allowed the water to flow from the top of the roof, out the holes.

All was faux finished to look like solid stone.



The Plaque was made from a composite of wood clay and foam. All was molded and cast in a plaster, reinforced with fiber material.

There is a three inch steal band that spans the back, with two - 6 inch threaded bolts, that act as a through-wall mounting system.
All was primed painted and cleared to match the Portico.